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Fitting a Kitchen Bought Online

Fitting a Kitchen Bought Online

When considering buying a kitchen online there will be much deliberation around the units, style and colour as well as the kitchen fitting. Buying the kitchen online is actually the easy bit. Once the kitchen cabinets and doors have been ordered and a delivery date set, often then the panic sets in. And the fitting needs to be organised along with any other work required to ready the room.

The main considerations will be; should you fit the kitchen yourself? And if not what are the other options for fitting a kitchen? And how do you select the correct trade to fit the kitchen?
Probably the first consideration though, regardless of the road you go down will be 'when'. When should the kitchen fitting begin?

The first thing to remember is the delivery dates are rarely missed but are by no means guaranteed. Any number of factors can delay the manufacture and delivery of the kitchen.So it would be prudent not to arrange delivery to begin the same day as your estimated delivery date. Nor should you arrange for the old kitchen to be ripped out before delivery. This could leave you without a kitchen in the event of a delay. But on the actual delivery date someone will need to be available to take delivery and check the items.

Kitchen Fitting Options

There are several options available. The correct option for you will depend upon a number of factors. Such as; how much work you can do, and what is your budget for the kitchen project. The options are;
  • Fitting the kitchen yourself (DIY kitchen fitting)
  • Commision a tradesperson (who lists kitchen fitting as one of their skills) 
  • Employing a specialist local kitchen fitter
Fitting a kitchen bought from onlineBuy a kitchen online - how to fit a kitchen

DIY Kitchen Fitting

How hard can it be to fit your own kitchen? Well actually, not that difficult.  
DIY kitchen fitting is a viable option for the competent DIYer. But ALL electrical and plumbing work should be undertaken by a qualified person. And any gas work must be undertaken by a Gas Safe engineer only.
The bonus is that fitting a kitchen yourself could save you thousands, if not hundreds of pounds. But don't forget hidden costs which a kitchen fitter would include. Such as disposal of the old kitchen and waste. 
DIY kitchen fitting isn't a quick job though. And taking your time and being very careful will pay dividends in quality of finish. You may also need to add to your tool collection adding to the expense. Which may not have been considered when weighin up whether to do-it-yourself or employ someone else.
The DIY Kitchen fitters biggest nightmares are usually caused by the walls and floors. Not the new kitchen itself. The Walls are never perfectly flat. Corners are rarely exactly 90 degrees and floors are unlikely to be perfectly level. These issues can always be overcome with time and care though.

Employing a Tradesperson to Fit Your Kitchen

Aside from DIY kitchen fitting this is the next most cost-effective option. A reputable and skilled tradesperson will have the necessary skills to fit a kitchen. Remember that unlike a specialist fitter they do not do this type of work day in day out.
This means that issues with the kitchen or property may delay the fitting process. Each kitchen supplier also has particular nuances in their kitchen units and doors. These nuances could confuse the infrequent kitchen fitter.
Selecting a reputable and skilled tradesperson can also be difficult. Ask friends and family for recommendations. If that fails review websites such as MyHammer and CheckaTrade can help. These sites publish real reviews from previous customers. Your local council may also keep a list of reputable trades people.
But remember to obtain at least three quotes and compare them on a life for like basis. Ensure each spells out which services are included. And which are not. For example often tradespeople will charge extra for disposal of waste. But another may include that in their quote. 
Fitting your new kitchen, that was bought online is probably best done by a specialist kitchen fitter.This kitchen is in the final stages of fitting and simply requires installation of the worktops.

Employ a Specialist Kitchen Fitter

This option is usually the most stress free, but comes at a cost premium. Price is what you pay and value is what you get.
A specialist fitter will be undertaking this type of work day in day out. As such they have probably seen every type of kitchen unit and kitchen door. Experienced all the issues caused by un-true walls and uneven floors. And can overcome these problems and more with ease.
They can also offer advice and help before the kitchen installation. Such as the placement of any utilities, or any required preparation or remedial works. And recommend other trades to undertake this work. Such as flooring contractors, plasterers, plumbers and electricians. People with whom they have likely worked with on numerous kitchen projects before. 
The specialist kitchen fitter may even project manage the entire kitchen fitting process for you. Liaising with the online kitchen suppler, and other trades. Even taking delivery of the kitchen for you. Organising the other trades, ensuring they are on site in the correct order. Even paying the other trades so you have the one single invoice from the kitchen fitter.
The specialist kitchen fitter will therefore likely be the quickest option for fitting. Eliminating the inconvenience of having a kitchen out of action for weeks.
Finding the specialist kitchen fitter for you is similar to finding any trades person. Again request recommendations from friends and family. And seek out kitchen fitters on the usual review websites. The benefit of which in this case is that a kitchen fitters reviews will only be for kitchen fitting. Whereas a general trade-persons' reviews will be for their entire repertoire of work.

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Published on Wednesday, 17th January 12:47pm


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