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The Kitchun Fitted Kitchen Buyers Guide

Everyone can do with a little help from time to time, so we put together this fitted kitchen buyer guide to assist you in buying your new kitchen and take the stress out of kitchen shopping. There are plenty of pitfalls in the process and if you are not prepared loads of stumbling blocks which with a little knowledge, planning and preparation, can all be avoided.

We aim to not only help you choose a beautiful and stylish kitchen but to buy the correct kitchen components and kitchen units which will work for you and your family!

To make this guide easy to navigate you can use the quick jump links below to take you directly to the correct section of this guide.

Additionally, where available we have included links to articles which explain the subject in more depth.


Decide Upon a Budget

Kitchun Kitchen Unit Aside from your home and car, a new kitchen will likely be the second most expensive purchase you will make. For this reason, you must be very careful to ensure that you can get exactly what you need within your budget. But due to the cost and time considerations you should also ensure you get the kitchen design of your dreams too.

There really is no point cutting corners on your new kitchen, which is why Kitchun offer high specification kitchen units. With 18mm board all round (including the backs and base) and top quality branded kitchen doors from the major UK manufacturers. And we supply all this at better value prices than our high street and online competitors. We don't like to say they are cheap kitchen units because that betrays their 'value', but they are low cost and exceptional value.

For more information on our unit construction and specification please click here.

The budget you settle on will likely guide all your other choices. Having a set budget will help you throughout the rest of the process. But don't worry often your budget will become elastic and change. Usually this happens naturally as you decide on your new kitchen priorities and decide upon what you cannot live without.


Choose the Kitchen Style

It is unlikely Kitchun is the first online kitchen retailer you have visited, and no doubt you've flicked through magazines and Pinterest or Houzz looking for inspiration too. The range of choice available can seem overwhelming at first, but break it down in to the three individual questions; style, finish and colour. Then you can start to put together a plan a few kitchen style and design options that you would like to explore further.


Kitchen Door Style?

Traditional doors, shaker kitchen doors, or modern and contemporary. The choice will likely come down to the property style and the rest of the internal decor.


Kitchen Door Finish?

The options available are wood grain, matt and gloss. Likely your choice will be limited by the door options you selected, so try not to skip ahead. Traditional and shaker kitchen doors typically suit wood grains and matt colours. Whilst modern and contemporary (think slab style) kitchen doors suit matt and gloss finishes.


What Colour Kitchen? 

At this stage the colours available will now be further limited by the door style (and ranges) chosen and the finish. So the colour choice is now simply a case of choosing from those available. If you really have your heart set on a specific colour though we can source bespoke painted doors. If your budget allows of course, as bespoke painted doors will be more expensive.

Again, don't panic at this stage if you are torn on kitchen colour choice or kitchen door style. You can get a quote for a couple of options and see how your choices compare on cost. Cost is unlikely to be the absolute deciding factor though. So, if you take advantage of our design service you can see a few variations of your kitchen with different doors and colours in a detailed 3D render.


Plan the Kitchen

If you have gone to a high street kitchen retailer they may have produced a plan for you, and whilst this is the easy option it is not necessarily the best. Planning your kitchen yourself will give you intimate knowledge of the layout. Giving you the opportunity to examine and analyse the kitchen and potentially change kitchen unit types and rearrange the layout based upon your kitchen cooking style and family demands.

Not to mention if you buy with the high street kitchen retailer you will be paying a substantial premium just for this service which can easily be done by yourself.

That said, if you have an existing plan produced by someone else and would require a like for like quote Kitchun can do that. If you have a quote based upon a plan that you may not have in your possession Kitchun can produce a comparative quote for that too.

But if you would like to produce your own plan, Kitchun will guide you through this process. We even have a Kitchen Planning Service too.

Generally speaking the kitchen layout will be one of the following;

  • Single row, typical of studio apartments and loft style living kitchens
  • Galley or parallel, for very narrow kitchen
  • U-shape, either around three walls of a kitchen or within a corner to create a peninsular island with the third row of units
  • L-shape, situation in a corner, useful in an open plan living scenario

You may or may not then have the need or space for a standalone kitchen island, but these are usually only paired with single row, U-shape kitchens (where it does not form a peninsular island) or L-shape kitchens.

For more information please see our kitchen planning guide.


Worktop Options

Kitchen worktops need to complement the kitchen door styles. The most popular worktop materials are;

  • Laminate, the budget end of the market, the colours and finishes available can work with any style of kitchen.
  • Timber, solid wood worktops are best suited to shaker and traditional kitchens. Beware of the regular maintenance required.
  • Granite, this type of worktop requires care and maintenance, despite the hard-wearing nature of the material.
  • Quartz, quartz worktops work well in modern or traditional kitchens, choose a thicker material for traditional kitchens however.
  • Solid Surface worktops typically only suit very bespoke, modern and contemporary kitchen styles.

We have explored kitchen worktop options and design considerations more extensively in this blog post.



The subject of kitchen appliances can be a contentious issue. Even if you have the budget should you go top end? Are budget level appliances a false economy? How can you save money?

With regards appliances this is probably one of the few areas you can take a short to mid-term view, if you need to. Your kitchen as in the kitchen units and kitchen doors should last you 20 years or more. Especially a Kitchun kitchen! And your appliances will likely change at least once over its life time. So it is here you can make real savings if you need to, with a view to replacing appliances later when funds allow.

We have discussed in detail the benefits of purchasing unbranded and branded appliances in a blog post titled; Choosing Appliances for your New Kitchen.



Lighting is perhaps the most neglected aspect of any kitchen project and is often an after-thought. However, thinking about the lighting prior to commencement of any project is a must, it is not ideal to retrofit lighting to cabinets and ceilings after the project is complete. And if it only dawns on you mid project that the lighting is not right delays will push up your build costs and inconvenience you.

If you opt to take advantage of the Kitchun kitchen planning and design service and instruct us to include lighting we may specify under counter, in unit and under cabinet lighting as we see fit and that suits your design.

You will need to think about the ceiling lighting though and this should be in place before fitting of your kitchen commences.


Order & Delivery

This is where your new kitchen project becomes real, after we have ironed out your design and specification and the cost is agreed we look forward to confirmation of your order and receipt of funds. From this point it will take approximately 14 days for your kitchen to be delivered. However, you will be kept informed of the progress of your order every step of the way.

You will be assigned an account manager who will order each and every component we need for your kitchen and ultimately arrange the shipping of the completed kitchen direct to your door.

Our kitchen units are delivered assembled and with the doors hung, so you or your fitter simply need to arrange the units on site and attach them to the walls and each other.


Kitchen Installation

The final piece to the puzzle, here you have two options. The DIY install and employing someone else. We have discussed the fitting options before in a blog post which you may read here:  Fitting a Kitchen Bought Online

DIY kitchen fitting is certainly within the realms of possibility for even an average DIY-er but as you would expect best results will the achieved if employing a specialist. Beware cowboys though and take careful heed of online reviews. If you opt to employ someone to fit your kitchen obtain references and if they are independently verified such as those on Trusted Trader or Check-a-Trade then all the better.

Fitted Kitchen Checklist

  1. Budget Considerations
  2. Choose the Kitchen Style
  3. Plan the Kitchen
  4. Worktop Options
  5. Choose Appliances
  6. Lighting for the Kitchen
  7. Order and Delivery
  8. Kitchen Installation


Good luck and remember if you need any help at all Kitchun are here!

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