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Why buy Biography kitchens from Us?

Designed with modern British living in mind, there is no such thing as a standard Biography kitchen, you can create a kitchen that is truly unique to you. Informed by extensive research Biography have designed kitchens that represent todays typical British modern household. Biography is all about bringing your kitchen to life and creating designs that suit your way of living. Below are 7 of the Biography styles, but there are over 40 door options and 27 additional paint to order colours. There is no better place to find Biography kitchens at a low price. Our Price Match Guarantee means that we will not be beaten on price.


Style 1


Biography Style 1 Kitchen Biography Style 1 Kitchen


Minimalist, precise and simple, Style 1 creates clean lines with hidden storage and ample work-space. The handleless style promotes clean lines and a smooth sleek finish and by using light colours you can give your kitchen a spacious feel. Doors featured in this style are Porter matte White, Feature Black Glazed and Reclaimed Oak.


Featured Doors

Porter Matte White

Feature Black Glazed

Reclaimed Oak

Porter Gloss Silver Grey



Style 2


Biography Style 2 Kitchen Biography Style 2 Kitchen


Quirky and fun, Style 2 injects some colour into your kitchen. Make you kitchen modern and unique by using a mix of bold colours and handles. Create your own space with a mix of finishes and materials to shape and characterise your kitchen to your own imagination. Featuring Porter Matte Dove, Fitzroy Graphite and Feature Chalk blue (matte) doors.


Featured Doors

Porter Matte Dove Grey

Porter Saffron

Fitzroy Graphite

Feature Chalk Blue Matte

Porter Umber Matte


Style 3


Biography Style 3 Kitchen Biography Style 3 Kitchen



Quirky and retro but mixed with modern conveniences and contemporary looks, BioGraphy expertly picks up the culture from this urban space. Bold and innovative: offering the wow factor. Style 3 allows a more masculine feel to a kitchen, you can be bold by using dark colours and finishes to achieve this look. Doors featured in this look; Porter Matte Graphite, Broadoak Rye and Character Graphite.  


Featured Doors

Porter Matte Graphite

Broadoak Rye

Porter Matte Luna

Character Graphite



Style 4

Biography Style 4 Kitchen Biography Style 4 Kitchen



Modern life blended with hints of classic designs and old school glamour. Style 4 introduces rich, elegant colours and textures to any open-plan kitchen space to achieve the perfect scenery for an immaculate interior. Doors included in this design; Porter Gloss Cashmere, Character Graphite and Porter Gloss Porcelain.


Featured Doors

Porter Truffle Matte

Porter Gloss Cashmere

Porter Gloss Porcelain

Character Graphite

Black Feature Glazed



Style 5


 Biography Style 5 Kitchen Biography Style 5 Kitchen


Modern tastes combined with retro nostalgia, classic British style with a contemporary edge. BioGraphy aids in maximising the potential in your kitchen, utilising smart storage solutions with accessible prep space as well as bright fresh colours. Doors included in this style are; Remo Matte Porcelain, Remo Gloss Graphite and Reclaimed Oak


Featured Doors

Remo Matte Porcelain

Remo Gloss Graphite

Reclaimed Oak




Style 6


Biography Style 6 Kitchen Biography Style 6 Kitchen

Urban, cool and contemporary. Style 6 is effortlessly chic, with its clean lines a streamlined design, it gives an ultra-modern feel. Paired with practical free standing elements and handleless doors this kitchen offers flexibility. Doors features in this style; Parker Dove Grey Matte, Parker Graphite Matte and Bronze Glazed Door.


Featured Doors

Parker Matte Dove Grey

Parker Matte Graphite

Bronzed Glazed Door



Style 7

Biography Style 7 Biography Style 7

Mature, muted and Modern, Style 7 has a simple design that creates a striking look. Perfect for someone wanting an elegant kitchen. Using warm rich tones and brass accents you can create a traditional kitchen with flares of a modern style. Doors featured in this style; Litchfield Partridge Grey, Lichfield Expresso and Lichfield Porcelain.


Featured Doors

Lichfield Partridge Grey

Lichfield Espresso

Lichfield Porcelain




Paint to Order Colours

There is no such thing as a standard Biography kitchen, with 45 door options and 27 additional paint to order colours, you can create a kitchen that reflects your character and lifestyle. Please get in touch for specific colour options and prices.



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